Aaim enables access to capital you already own.

Build the Future,
Benefit the Present.

Unless you're a one-percenter with private bankers on speed dial, investing in the future might mean your money's out of reach for now – especially when trying to outpace inflation in an uncertain economy.

With housing prices, the cost of living, and interest rates on the rise, it becomes an either/or choice: "do I squirrel away cash (for a mortgage or the sticker shock of sending someone off to college) or do I just keep feeding my long-term portfolio?"

We think the right answer is "yes."

How Aaim Helps Investors

It's like private banking for everyone.

Aaim connects digital banking systems and investment platforms with our proprietary ReferenceModel™ protocol to calculate a deep understanding of customer assets.

It's not about summing up balances, it's a true modernization of the laborious and complex effort typically untertaken only in private banking.  

Our real-time, comprehensive analysis of true asset value gives the customer's primary financial institution the framework to lend more, at lower rates, and close funding faster.


Aaim Horizon™

Our flagship product, Aaim Horizon, understands and quantifies the spot value, volatility, time-to-liquidity and many more dynamics of all your investments across a wide range of asset classes, including privately-issued holdings.

The decision to make wise investment choices and build a better future for yourself and your family shouldn't lock up access to funds for life-stage events. Now you can leverage those good decisions like the ultra-high net worth crowd does.


Aaim Frontier™

Our pioneering product, Aaim Frontier, allows consumers to pledge assets – including alternative, exotic and highly-illiquid holdings that are usually beyond the horizon of traditional valuation – toward lending events at their existing financial institution.

Your bank or credit union uses our asset management platform to adjust their risk tolerance as market dynamics change, and helps commit assets of your choosing into the underwriting process.


Aaim Transport™

With our network of modern trusts, transfer agents and custodial institutions, Aaim Transport can import, transfer, dematerialize or hypothesize legacy instruments to include into tri-party custodial contracts.

Legacy, highly-illiquid or bearer-type assets can be brought into a legal, compliant and transparent contract framework that underwriters can contemplate, understand and encumber against lending.

How Aaim Helps Financial Institutions

Give Depositors a Reason to Bank Locally Again.

Regain Depositor Attention

Aaim gives depositors a reason to strengthen their relationship with credit unions and banks.

Neobanks, nonbanks, investment apps and other "toy" products are beginning to show their weaknesses. It's time to reignite the power of relationship banking again.

Customize and Embed

Aaim integrates at the digital banking layer and operates seamlessly, but connects custodial and regulated operations outside the four walls of your institution.

We remove the friction of third-party services while establishing clear boundaries to limit institutional liability and reputational risk.

Understand Depositors

Aaim's proprietary ReferenceModel™ protocol surfaces a holistic view of depositor holdings, their habits and decisions, and the true asset value of their investment instruments.

Ledger activity and balances are one thing; truly understanding a one-percenter in the making is revolutionary.

Win the Future

Aaim puts the depositor and their banker at the center of their financial universe. Together, we can reverse the outflow of deposits and customers to the fractionalized attention-deficit world we're in currently.

De-Risk Lending

At its simplest, Aaim's suite of products de-risk lending. It starts with understanding the array of investment assets, moves through the behavioral, and advances into pledged-asset agreements and custom tri-party custodial arrangements.

Close Funding Faster

Structured data, risk playbooks and immutable-ledger smart contract automation accelerate and supercharge de-risking. Offer lower interest rates, higher principal amounts, and turn information into non-deposit revenue overnight.